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hayes law office

Have you been in a criminal situation, with no idea where to turn?

Have you ever been in the need of a criminal defense attorney and you had no where to turn to? Were you stuck looking for a defense attorney, skilled in litigation just in case of the worst case scenario of your legal situation? Yes?

Here’s a solution to your legal issue.

Well, we’ve been able to locate a phenomenal criminal defense lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana that is very good at what he does. It’s attorney Philip Hayes of Hayes Law Office.

At Hayes Law Office, they are trained litigators in offering low cost aggressive and affordable legal representation. If someone is facing criminal charges such a DUI, Marijuana charge or looking for an criminal expungement, they make it their sole purpose in making  every legal option available.  You can count on the expert legal team Hayes Law Office to be there with you at every step and to see your case through to its conclusion.

How Can You Find Hayes Law Office?

Here are some of the review pages where you can find Hayes Law Office:

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I highly recommend Philip Hayes and The Hayes Law Office. Mr. Hayes was able to get my case dismissed in Johnson County. Mr. Hayes and his staff were prompt to answer any questions I had about my case and they were always very professional and polite. If you ever need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Indianapolis, The Hayes Law Office is the place to call! Thank you Mr. Hayes, I’m so grateful you were on my team! – Angelique Bowers

Hayes Law Office

A great black owned business, that makes a great difference in the community.


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